One of the most important technological procedures in the process of processing of wheat is the preparation of wheat for grinding. There are several phases in this department, compounding of the grinding mixture, removing admixtures, hydrothermal preparation of the grain for grinding and the final surface processing of the grain.

The process of preparation of the grinding mixture is being carried out inside the grain silos to which various types of wheat with different technological features can be delivered. After determining optimal ratios of the parts of wheat, which is done in laboratory by adjusting the optimal technological features of the grinding mixture, the wheat is being sent to the process of processing.

The process of processing of wheat is a complex process of selective milling which is being alternated in several phases with the process of classifying grist by size and quality.

Quality control

Flour as a valuable product of milling of grain is used for the production of bread, pasta and confectionery. Alimental value of flour and flour products is determined by their chemical composition and quality of the off the shelf products made from flour, which all together depends on the technological features of grain and organization of the technological process in the mill.

Information about composition of wheat speaks about alimental value of wheat flour. It contains important building components as well as numerous vitamins and minerals.


With the aim to improve quality of products CEKOVIC mill constantly invests in new technologies. The newest laboratory equipment enables complete analysis of all productions stages and precesses.