Instructions for dough preparation

It is important that all the ingredients for dough have room temperature before kneading, that’s why they should be put on the workboard at least an hour before the beginning of work.
If you are using dry yeast, mix it right away with flour and all the other flour additives. If the dough contains more fat or add-ons of almonds, hazelnuts or any other nuts in various forms, it’s better to put dry yeast in some warm milk before that and leave about ten minutes and then mix it with the other ingredients for the dough. Fresh yeast should be soaked into some warm milk and add one spoonful of sugar and 1-2 tablespoonfuls of flour.

Leave it for 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, sift flour and make a „hill” out of it with a „crater” in the middle. Pour the yeast into that recess, add eggs and maybe fat (of room temperature), seasoning and sugar as needed. Knead dough by gradually adding more and more flour which is uniting with the soft mass, from the outer edges towards the inner crater. Knead dough with your hands until it becomes smooth and shiny. Professionals occasionally beat the workboard with the dough, that way pressing the remaining bubbles of air out of it and gaining maximally fine structure.

Leave the dough kneaded like this covered with a kitchen cloth for 30 minutes to rise and then knead it well again.

If the recipe includes almonds, raisin or citronate, they should be added in the end, otherwise the dough would turn grey. Don’t put the dough that is already in the greased baking pan covered with flour in the oven right away, but wait for another 15 minutes for it to rise again.