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Yellow corn flour

Corn flour is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates which makes it easily digestible. As a non-fat part of carbohydrates from corn, it is an excellent component of foodstuffs.
It does not contain gluten and for leavened cakes it has to be mixed with some other type of flour. It has a lot of minerals and vitamin E.
As an ingredient, it is found in more than 3,000 foodstuffs, ranging from pasta to various pizzas. The most famous meals are corn mush and corn bread.

Packaging: 1 kg, 5kg and 10kg.

Measure unit Amount
Energetic value kcal 363
Energetic value kJ 1520
Total proteins g 8,1
Total fat g 1,2
Total carbohydrates g 77,3
Moisture Content g up to 15%
Level of Acidity g up to 4%
Content of fat g up to 2%

The energetic and nutritive values are calculated per 100 g of product.


1 cup of yogurt,
3 eggs,
150 g cheese,
50 ml oil
1 baking powder,
8 tablespoons of wheat flour and
8 tablespoons yellow corn flour.

Make pastry and bake it on 200°C until it get golden-brown colour.