• tip850

Type 850

Because of higher content of minerals, protein and cellulose fibre, flour Type 850 has a much higher nutritive value than white flour.
It is made from peripheral parts of wheat grain so it has less energy than white flour which is why it has a high nutritive value.
It is suitable for preparing bread and rolls, both in bakery industry and households.

Packaging: 25kg.

Measure unit Amount
Energetic value kcal 337
Energetic value kJ 1416
Total proteins g 13,70
Total carbohydrates g 67,50
Total fat g 1,37

The energetic and nutritive values are calculated per 100 g of product.


In a kilogram of flour, add teaspoon of soda bicarbonate and spoon of salt, stir well and mix all with 0.5 l of warm water. Dough must be well processed. The processed form of bread dough and place in previously greased tin. Leave it for a few moments (twenty minutes) and put in oven to bake (about half an hour). Before baking the dough can be shaped by mottle fork in several places. It is the best when served warm with cheese and butter.