• tip500

Type 500

White flour is obtained from finely ground wheat. It contains only the grain kernel so it has less vitamins and minerals, which are removed with the grain husk and seed. That’s why it has excellent baking characteristics which make dough soft.
It is used for preparing white bread and various delicious rolls and cakes. Home-made noodles are made from white, smooth flour, but a mixture of smooth and rough flour is recommended.

Available in packages of: 25 kg.


Make dough of 1 kg of flour, 2 dl water, 10 g yeast and a little salt.

Dough should not be either hard or soft. When the dough is well kneaded whisk it by turning and beating on the table. Then leave the dough to rise.

When the bubbles shows, whisk the dough again and leave to rise. In a saucepan put 1 l of oil to warm and hot (spends about 3 dl for this amount of dough), then take off pieces by hand, linger by the length to 25 cm and put it in hot oil. When it get golden-brown color then remove and disposed of. From this amount of daught you sohuld get 40 cakes.