• tip1100

Type 1100

Wholemeal flour is obtained from grinding all parts of wheat grain. Flour Type 1100 is rich in very useful vitamin E and group B vitamins. It is also rich in minerals Mg, Ca, P, K and cellulose fibre. It is recommended for preparing various types of healthy rolls and bread.


Measure unit Amount
Energetic value kcal 330
Energetic value kJ 1380
Total proteins g 12,50
Total carbohydrates g 66,70
Total fat g 1,52

The energetic and nutritive values are calculated per 100 g of product.


In a cup of warm milk add a piece of yeast and put on warm place to rise. Put in a dish 1 / 2 kg of flour, a little oil, spoon of vinegar, teaspoon of soda and already raised yeast with milk. Slowly add warm water and knead to get the dough as for bread. Leave to rise and knead again. Again, wait to rise, and develop the size of the casserole. Shaped dough put on a hot hotplate to get brown color on both sides, and then put it in heat-treated oven and bake twenty minutes. Remove baked cake from oven, descale both sides and get back to a few more minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle water with your fist and wrap in clean cloth.