Dedication to quality and
preservation of the authentic
quality of raw materials

Recognizable trademark
of the high quality flour
for various uses.

Constant improvement
of quality, broadening
of capacities and supply

How did we begin

In 1992, with the renting of the collective mill in Pranjani, the production of the flour began. Soon, in 1994, began the building of a new mill for Koštunići village. The mill started working on the 6th of September 1996.
In 2001 began the building of the warehouse and business building.
In 2003 the first silos appeared, being the first silos in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac. In 2007 the widening of the capacities that has been brought up to the level of 5000 tons of storage space has been realized. In 2009 the reconstruction of the mill and widening of the capacities of production up to 100T per day has been realized.

The quality control is a part of the process which has been developing parallel to the whole development.

Kontrola kvaliteta je deo procesa koji se razvijao paralelno sa celokupnim razvojem.

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The village of Kostunici is tucked into the slopes of the Suvobor mountain, and belongs to the Gornji Milanovac municipality. Quite often and due to its geographical position, it is referred to as the only true eco-village in Serbia, since the Suvobor region is one of very few destinations left intact by the hand of civilization.

When it comes to gifts of nature, this village is truly blessed. Crystal clear streams and all-natural products made by hard-working hands of its people, are hard to find these days. In Kostunici there are also several households that offer authentic Serbian accommodation to those who seek the escape from modern life’s quick pace or to those who just happen to stumble upon this beautiful village.